Working with children & adolescents

Our goal is to identify, understand and take care of child emotional needs and work together with parents to satisfy those needs.

1.1. Individual sessions

  • Parents leave us your description of difficulties and troubles you or your child is facing through our contact form on Book a session
  • Choose and reserve preferred time slot for initial meeting


  • Restlessness, attention deficits, hyperacivity and behavioural (acting out) difficulties
  • Obsessive-compulsive behaviours, e.g. cleaning, security, particular structure or ordering issues
  • Emotional (acting in) difficulties (fears and anxieties, low self-esteem, separation anxiety, sadness, bordom, apathy)


  • Fear of school and related learning difficulties
  • Repetitive unexplained physical symptoms (headaches, stomachaches, digestion problems, fatigue)
  • Upbringing issues (noncompliance, resistance, stubbornness, tantrums)
  • Relationship issues (attachment, family conflics, communication)
  • Growing up difficulties (establishing independence, responsibilities, overuse of internet and other digital media)
  • Difficulties as a consequence of sudden or unexpected events (adapting to divorce, change of residence, change of school, greif)

1.2. Group sessions

  • Small groups (3-5), with an emphasis on sharing experience, self-reflextion and psychoeducation
  • ​Leave your inquiry through the contact form on Booking session
  • Choose and reserve preferred time slot for initial meeting


  • Sadness and distress (coping with depressive states)
  • Fears and anxieties (reflecting on personal dysfunctional underlying assumptions)
  • My strengths (strenghtening one's self-esteem and positive self-image)
  • I want to be popular and loved (social skills learning, effective communication)
  • Me in a digital world (promoting wise usage of digital media and healthy spending of free time)
  • My OCD (gaining control over obsessive thoughts and compulsive acts)
  • It all bores me (motivating children and adolescents for healthy behaviours, strenghtening their free will and sense for responsibility)

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